What is Graphics Card? 2021

What is Graphics Card?: A lot has changed in technology these days! Like if you go to see graphics card! A lot of changes have come to the graphics card! So let’s know again What is Graphics Card?? How does a graphics card work?

Today we have started getting many types of computers and laptops. And some laptops have become expensive because of graphics cards! All computers and laptops have graphics cards, but there is a lot of difference in memory between them. Everyone’s memory is different.

If you want to take a simple laptop, then you get the laptop at a very low price! But if you want a laptop with more graphics cards then you will have to buy that laptop! Similarly, if you want a graphics card with more GB then. You have to buy it by paying more money.

But do you know why laptops with graphics cards are expensive? Otherwise, let’s know.

What is Graphics Card?

Graphics Card, This is an electronic card! This is a hardware component! This happens in all electronic devices, such as computers, laptops, and smartphone mobiles. If seen, the graphics card is usually inbuilt in the computer’s motherboard, if you want a separate graphics card, then you can connect it externally from the market.

Smartphones have graphics cards, but you cannot add an external graphics card to the smartphone because you are not given an external slot. It is very easy to install graphics cards externally on a computer or laptop.

What does a graphics card do?

Nowadays it has become necessary for everyone to have a graphics card on their laptop or computer. These days everyone wants to do gaming or processing work on their laptop. For which you need a graphics card!

If you are crazy about gaming or you want to run video editing software, or you want to create a VFX effect, then you need to have a graphics card installed on your computer.

Why Graphics Card is needed?

Why do we need a graphics card, have you ever wondered? If you don’t know, then let’s see! There are two types of graphics cards, integrated graphics, and dedicated graphics.

Integrated Graphics Card is inbuilt in computer or laptop. Which we can do processing work on a computer or laptop, for which RAM and CPU are needed. With which you can only do computer or laptop browsing or office work! So there will be no effect on your computer/laptop! But if you use a computer/laptop for video editing, and play high graphics games, then your computer may hang.

For which you need to install a dedicated graphics card. Installing it does not load on your computer and your computer runs smoothly.

A dedicated graphics card has its own RAM, due to which it does not use the computer’s RAM and the computer runs smoothly.

Graphics card manufacturing companies

  • Nvidia
  • AMD
  • Intel
  • Via
  • Power VR
  • Asus
  • EVGA
  • gigabyte
  • sapphire
  • Zotac

How many types of graphics cards are there?

  • Integrated
  • PCI
  • AGE
  • PCI-Express


If you have a computer, but which did not assemble itself, then you only use the Integrated Graphics card, which we use to display the picture.

When we talk about the Integrated Graphics cards, we see it with the motherboard. We get an Integrated Graphics card with the motherboard only! You can also upgrade this card, with a new graphics card.

Best Integrated Graphics Card

Radeon RX Vega 11 Graphics]
Intel Iris Pro Graphics P580
Intel Iris Plus Graphics


PCI Graphics Card is used in PCI slot. The motherboard that connects to the computer. These days PCI cards are not used that much, they are out of date now! But still, there are such computers somewhere!

In which these cards are used and PCI graphics cards are bought to upgrade the computer. Due to which even today some people buy PCI cards, to upgrade their PC.


There is not much difference between an AGP card and a PCI card! These cards are in the motherboard slots. that connects to the computer. AGP cards come in 4x speeds, out of which the highest speed is 8x! But if your PC supports only low speed!

So it gives speed up to 1x, 2x, 4x only! These cards do not work very fast, due to which they are not used much.


PCI-E cards are more advanced. Its capacity is more than other Graphics Card. PCI-E cards speed up to 16x! If there is more than one PCI-E card in the motherboard, then they connect to the PC together. If you want high performance then you must use a PCI-E card.

Major Components of Graphics Card

  • GPU(Graphics Processing Unit)
  • memory
  • Internal Interface
  • Heat Sink and Fan
  • Power Connectors (6-pin)
  • DVI/HDMI/VGA Ports


Graphics Processing Unit or GPU This is the heart of the graphics card. This is the most important component of the graphics card, where all the processing work is done. It is made up of hundreds or thousands of small cores, where the CPU is made up of only 2-16 cores.

Some people know it by some name, Nvidia knows it as Cuda Cores or Shaders. These Cuda Cores and Stream Processors are not of one size, it is up to the companies. If you have 2 graphics cards from Nvidia, your ATI number will be the same!

GPU Clock

The speed at which the GPU or graphics processing unit runs is called GPU Clock / Frequency.

Shaders Clock/ Frequency
The speed at which Cuda Cores and Shaders move! It is called Shader’s frequency. When synchronization occurs, GPU Clock


Memory is a place where complex textures and other graphics information are stored. The job of the GPU is to fetch the texture from memory, process it, and then send it back to the RAM, and then send it to the RAMDAC, which later goes to the LCD screen.

Internal Interface

This is a part of the internal interface! Which is connected to the graphics card motherboard! Earlier we used to use the AGP interface but now we use PCI-E. It’s much faster here! But to use PCI-E, you must have a PCI-Express x16 slot inside your PC! Without this, you cannot use this interface.

Heat Sink/ Fan:

The heat sink and fan are designed for cooling in the graphics card. It is used to work the temperature. Heat Sink This device is made of copper or aluminum. Its job is to keep heat away from the GPU, it is a passive cooling device.
Fan device here is an active cooling device, it puts air into the heatsink, which cools it quickly and cools the rest of the heat.

Power Connectors(6-pin):

Power connectors are found only in medium and expensive graphics cards, this is because the graphics card needs more power. There is a 6 pin power connector, 2 connectors are present in high-range graphics cards. Low-budget cards do not have 6 pin power connectors here because they do not need them.


This is the external interface of the graphics card. It is used to connect the graphics card to the LCD screen. Low-end graphics cards have only VGA and DVI (Digital Video Interface) ports. Where the high-end graphics card has both DVI and HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface).

How to Check Graphics Card in Windows 10

There are 4 ways to check graphics cards –

First way –

  1. First of all go to Start menu, open Run Dialog Box from it, or you can also open Run Window with “Window + R”.
2. After that type “dxdiag” and then press Enter.
What is Graphics Card?

2. After that type “dxdiag” and then press Enter.

What is Graphics Card?

3. Then click on “Display Tab”, after which you can check the information on your graphics card.

What is Graphics Card?

Two way

You can also check your graphics card from the device manager.

  1. First go to the Start Menu and type Device Manager. You can go to that Windows Device Manager, or you can use “Windows + X”.
What is Graphics Card?

2. Then click on Display Adapters. You can see which graphics card is on your PC.

What is Graphics Card?

3. Right-click on the graphics card and that Properties. You will see a window where you will see all the details.

What is Graphics Card?

three way

Here you can also see using Display Settings.

  1. You have to right click on your computer screen, where you have to go to Display Settings.
What is Graphics Card?

2. Click on “Advanced Display Settings”.

What is Graphics Card?

3. After that you have to go to “Display Adapter Properties” where you can see the graphics card installed on your PC.

What is Graphics Card?

fourth way

  1. First of all go to Start menu, open Run Dialog Box from it, or you can also open Run Window with “Window + R”.
What is Graphics Card?

2. Type “msinfo32” and press “System Information”

What is Graphics Card?

3. After this, System Summary -> Components -> Display, you can see the information of your graphics card

What is Graphics Card?
What is Graphics Card?


Today we saw What is Graphics Card? In which we have seen what are the components of the graphics card, why is graphics card important, we have seen it today. If you liked this article, then definitely comment, and submit it to us.

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