What is Domain Name?

What is Domain Name

What is Domain Name? – Hello friends, you must have come to know from the title! In today’s article, we will see information about Domain Name!

Whenever we search for something on Google, then many websites come in front of us! Every website has its own name and identity. That is also called the Domain Name! If you go to see in easy words, then Domain Name means the name of the website which is different and the same in the whole world!

Today we will see information about this domain name in Hindi like Domain Name Kya Hai?, What are the types of Domain Name? How does a domain name work and how to create a domain name? So let’s move on.

What is Domain Name?

Domain Name ie DNS (Domain Name System) means the name of your website. This website is checked. They can detect a type of address and recognize your website and this allows you to visit the website. How about a website published in your bar that looks like (.) net, com, in, co and. Give an example Example: example.com

The domain type of the domain (domain) today we will know is Worse: Every web site’s domain is different. Your IP address is from the computer. This is number one. For example |

Domain Name Types

1. Top Level Domains (TLD)
2. Second Level Domains (SLD)
3. Third Level Domains

Top-Level Domain Name(Top Level Domains TLD)

The value of the top-level domain name is more than the rest of the domain name. Its value is higher on the Google search engine and the rest of the search. It is given the highest priority. If told from quotes, for example, .com, com is a top-level domain name that has a higher priority.
Some quotes from top level domains

Second Level Domains SLD

The only difference between Country Code Top Level Domains and Top Level Domains is that it is easily known that it is a website of a particular country. You can use these domain names whenever you want to create a website for a particular country. This domain name is generally used for the website of a particular country. The domain name is done on the basis of the ISO code of these countries.
as an example
•.us(United States)

Third Level Domain Name

The third-level domain is before the second-level domain, so we also call it a subdomain. You can create a subdomain for free. You don’t need to buy anything to make it! If you have a domain then you can easily create its subdomain. To quote english.typeenglish.com that English is a subdomain.
There are other types of domain names, but you cannot use them to make a website or blog.

How does Domain Name work?

How Domain Name Works – Now after seeing all this, the question comes that after all, how does this domain name reach the website, that is, how does a domain name work? Our website is registered on this one IP address. And our domain name points to this IP address.

For example, if we see the website name in the form of a number, then? Meaning ambalapolice.org If you see this website in this form. This would be very difficult to read. Now we will see how this domain name reaches us to the website.

If we search any website like merihindi.net then Google finds this domain name in its server by its IP address and reaches you to this website. This work is done in very less time.

How to Create Domain Name

  1. If you want to make a website, then you should use short domain name.
  2. Choose the domain name that is easy to speak and type.
  3. Your domain name should be unique and your domain name should not be similar to any other domain name.
  4. Do not use hypen or numbers anywhere in the name.
    5.Try to take top level domains so that your website is recognized by the whole world.
  5. On the basis of what kind of website you are building, you should take the domain name so that you can become a good name.

what we learned today – What is Domain Name?

In today’s article, we saw what is a domain name? Domain Meaning, What is Domain Name? Domain Name ie DNS (Domain Name System) means the name of your website. How many types of Domain Names are there?

How does Domain Name work? And how to create a domain name, I hope that you have got complete information about the domain name. If you have any questions in your mind then definitely tell in comment thank you

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