What is Domain Authority? How to increase the Domain Authority of your website 2021

What is Domain Authority

Hello bloggers, do you also want to know What is Domain Authority and what is the domain authority of your blog? So you are reading this post at the right place. Every website and blogger wants their website to rank in the search engine, so new and old bloggers are engaged in building the domain authority and page authority of their website.

Domain authority This factor has now become the top and important factor of SEO. The higher the domain authority (DA) of your website and blog, the better the search engines will rank your blog.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority which we call DA in short term is a metric that has been created by Moz company, it is a kind of grade system or a score which is between 0-100 Moz decides whether any website or How many grades have to be given to the blog from 1 to 100.

Through this, the possibility of ranking on the Search Engine Result Pages of a website is ascertained. The higher the domain score of the website, the higher that website ranks on the search engine. As much as your website ranks, you will also increase traffic on the blog. So you must have understood that DA Kya Hota Hai.

Best Domain Authority Checker Tools

To check domain authority, there are many domain authority checker tools on the internet, with the help of which you can check the DA and PA of your website.

  • Moz
  • Ahref
  • Websiteseochecker

How to check DA

For this you have to first go to Open Site Explorer, here you have to enter your website URL and click on Analyze domain, after that, you will find out DA, Page Authority, and Spam Score.

How to increase the Domain Authority of the website?

Domain authority depends on many factors. If you are thinking that you have started a blog today and the domain authority of your blog will be 40 to 50 then it is not possible at all. Nevertheless, by following some of the steps given below, you can gradually increase the Domain Authority of your website.

1. High-Quality Content Publish

If you want to increase your website DA quickly, then you should always write Quality Content on your website. Because when your readers come to your site, they will read your high-quality content and stay on your website for a long time.

Keep in mind that the length of your content should be big. Also, your content should be unique and keyword targeted. Due to which the trust of Google in your website will increase. With this, both the ranking and DA of your website will increase.

2. Do On-Page SEO Correctly

This is a very good way that will help you in increasing the Domain Authority along with Website Ranking. There are some technical factors of On-Page Optimization such as Post Title, keywords density, heading tags, image optimization. But here I am telling you a little basic SEO right now.

  • Keyword Density – Avoid keyword stuffing. Let it be between 1.5% – 2%.
  • Heading Tags – Use heading tags (H1, H2, H3, etc.) to highlight the main points of your article.
  • Targeted keyword – Use the right keyword for blog posts. Use long-tail keywords more because they are easy to rank. Must use your main keyword in the first paragraph.
  • Description: A short description of the post you are writing should not be more than 160 words.
  • Image optimization – To increase SEO status, you optimize images. And do use 2 images from work in your post.

3. Publish Content Regularly

To keep your blog updated, you have to publish content from time to time. New bloggers are not able to publish blogs regularly but yes if you do then there will be Domain Authority Increase.

If you do not update regular posts in your blog, then the authority of your blog will go down.

4. Internal Linking

Well done internal linking not only helps in increasing your website domain authority but also you can reduce the bounce rate of your website.

By internal linking your old posts, you can make your current post more informative and user-friendly. Just while linking, you have to pay so much attention, the link says mail from your post.

With the help of internal links, the search engine makes you easily crawl the site, which makes it easy to increase the Domain Authority.

5. Create High-Quality Backlinks for Website

Backlinks are very important to increase the Domain Authority and Search Ranking of any website. But making quality backlinks is not so easy. Many new bloggers make mistakes while creating backlinks and make low-quality backlinks due to which your website does not rank.

For this, you can get Quality Backlinks by writing Guest posts on websites with good Domain Authority. Along with this, you can also create quality backlinks by making profile backlinks and comments.

6. Remove Bad and Spam Links

To maintain Domain Authority, you keep removing Spam Links from time to time, if you do not do this, then your site’s spam score may also increase, and google does not like such a website.

Bad links directly affect your Domain Authority because it is important to have a good link profile for a high DA score. This task is as important as getting quality links.

7. Share your blog on Social Site

When you write your block post, do not share it on social networking sites. This will also increase your fan following and increase the domain authority of your website.

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