What is Cyber Attack?

What is Cyber Attack?

What is Cyber Attack In this post, we are going to talk about cyber attacks because this topic is very important and especially beneficial for you, so you can avoid any kind of cyber attack, any kind of cyber attack? You can avoid fraud or you can protect yourself from all kinds of online fraud.

So friends, in this article we will especially talk about four topics, what is a cyberattack, how the cyberattack is done, what is its means, by whom the cyber attack is done, why is it done, what is the purpose behind it. How to avoid cyber attacks. That is, what precautions should be taken by common people like you and me. How can we avoid cyberattacks and what can be the harm to us? We will talk about all these things in today’s article.

In today’s time, whether we are doing our personal work, whether we are doing any kind of official work, computers, laptops, mobiles, and tablets are required everywhere, the internet is required. Without them, we cannot work. This means the internet, technology, these gadgets have a very important role in our life.

But as long as these gadgets, mobile tablets and computers are under your control, then they work for you and make your work easy. But if it comes under others’ control then it will again work for him and will make his work easier and prove to be an enemy to you. This is the basic purpose of cyberattacks.

What is Cyber Attack?

What is Cyber Attack When any cybercriminal or cyber-criminal conducts a digital attack on a single computer or on the entire computer network, it is called a cyber attack or cyber attack? In this, that cybercriminal can also have a single computer or the entire network of computers is with him and only through that, he attacks any other computer or network of computers.

Through this cyber attack, remote computers can be jammed, they can be completely stopped, they can be rendered useless, in addition, data can be stolen from there, information can be stolen from there, its Apart from this, the remote computer can be made its agent, the remote computer can also be left by making it its agent. The take and then report computer works solely for cybercriminals.

Even if we have the presence of a computer, even if the computer is in our hands, it will share information data with cybercriminals. In this way, all the information keeps on reaching.

How is cyber-attack done? – What is Cyber Attack

This means through which cyber attacks can be done. The only means here is the Internet. As you all know that any website has a link, it has an IP address and we cannot visit that website until we click on that link. So here cybercriminals share that link with you in any way, they deliver that link to you, and when you click on that link, you can have a cyber-attack.

types of cyber attacks – What is Cyber Attack

Now let us know what is the means of sending the link and how many types are there. From where do you get information on your mobile or computer, if you talk about mobile, then the first way in it is s.m.s. Maybe you have an s.m.s. Received in which a link has been given or a contact number has been given, any kind of job offer can be made to you or you can also be given the hoax of lottery and similar messages can be shared with you. Go and there is a link in the same message, the message is sent to you in such a way that you get emotional after reading that message and click on the link without thinking anything and that would have been your biggest mistake. and you get caught in the clutches of cybercriminals

1. WhatsApp and Telegram Attack – What is Cyber Attack

WhatsApp or Telegram is also a great way to cyber-attack you, where a lot of links are shared with you. Many times you are sent a link to a variety of government schemes or sometimes you are sent a link by telling you an offer of the internet or you are sent a link by sending any kind of obscene picture or video to you and many times your link is sent to you. Along with the lottery scheme, a link is sent to you, sometimes tempting offers are sent to you and along with all these types of messages, you are also given some link and after reading these messages, you click on that link without thinking. And you get caught in their affair.

2. Phone Call Attack – What is Cyber Attack

Many times there are attempts to fraud even through phone calls, maybe your number has been leaked or it has been in the hands of some agency that wants to fraud with you. They call you and ask you to follow some instructions. They may also ask you for your OTP or your debit card number or your CVV code or bank account number. If you tell them even one of these things, then you can get caught in their clutches.

3. Internet Attack – What is Cyber Attack

If you visit any website inside your browser or you are not aware of any topic, then you search it in Google and different types of websites come out in front of you, so if you do not know which If website is authentic, then you visit by clicking on any unknown website and there may be some fraud with you there too.

4. Email Attackn – What is Cyber Attack

Although not all people use e-mail, people who work or do any work online and do business, those people use email. Whenever you open your email box, you will see many different types of emails and out of those emails, there are many such emails which are unknown emails, in which the sender does not even know from whom the email has been sent. And these are the people who entice you to click on links etc. and trap you in their fraud.

So, friends, these are some ways through which cyber-attack can be done, and using these methods cybercriminals do cyberattacks on people.

Who does cyber attack and why and what is the purpose behind it

Who does the cyberattack, you can divide it into two parts:

Part 1: On the one hand there are some cyber criminals such people may be a single person or a group of some people, the main purpose of these people is to cheat people, to get money from them in any way. For this, they can blackmail you, demand any kind of ransom, so that is all their purpose.

Part 2: On the other hand here it happens at the government level also it happens at the level of governments also. Governments within different countries also have a team that does this kind of work when spying inside another country or blocking the system there, jamming the system, or from there. If you want to steal information or spy there, then some governments also do such work inside that case.

Cyber ​​Attack News

As we had heard the news in the past that China has carried out a cyberattack on Australia and recently news was published inside India that China has also done more than 40 thousand cyber-attacks on India.

So here there are two types of people, it can be attacked privately or it can also be attacked by the government system and its purpose can be to steal money, besides spying, the systems can be stalled. It can be done or it can also be stealing information.

What are the ways to avoid cyber-attacks?

What precautions should be taken by common people like you and me so that our data, our information can be safe and we can avoid being a victim of any kind of online fraud or cyber-fraud?

Remedy 1: You should never click on any kind of unknown link. Whether you have received the gender via SMS, whether you have received the link via WhatsApp or Telegram, whether you have received it through any social media platform Facebook, Twitter, etc. or whether you have been asked to do so by phone call. Where are you? You do not have to click on unknown links under any circumstances. Unless you are fully aware that the link sent is completely authentic and the person who sent you is also completely authentic, you also know that personally.

Remedy 2: Avoid falling into any kind of greed, many times you get lottery messages, many times you come over jobs or different types of people come, someone wants to sell you expensive things at cheap prices. If you talk about it, it never happens that you do not fall in the trap of any such offer.

Remedy 3: Whenever you get to see a message in which government offers are talked about, then the government has its own website, which has the government domain at the end, which has the address of the website at its end, gov. in for you to see. Or you will get to see nic. in. So by visiting those websites and you can get the authentic news from there, only then you should believe.

Remedy 4: Whenever you browse the internet inside your browser and visit any website, then definitely check the address bar once whether the website you are visiting there is using HTTPS in it. Is the certificate used or not? So only visit the secure website in which HTTPS has been used, otherwise do not visit the website.

Remedy 5: Do not share any type of OTP and Password with anyone. Do not share your card, credit card details, ATM, or debit card details with anyone. The bank never asks for such information from you.

Remedy 6: Sometimes some unknown calls come to you and ask you about OTP that yes we are calling from such a bank to you, it is a verification call. If any OTP will come on your mobile then let us know. Never share your OTP with anyone, never under any circumstances.

Remedy 7: All the login accounts you use, whether you use internet banking, whatever type of social media account you use, always use secure passwords, do not use normal passwords, along with two-way authentication or two-way authentication. Make sure to implement factor authentication.

If you follow these measures, then you can avoid any kind of cyber attack or cyber fraud.

I hope that you would have liked What is Cyber Attack, if you liked it, then share this article with other people as well, so that they must also get information about any kind of cyber attack. To avoid cyber-attack from attack. If you have any questions or suggestions, then do let us know by writing in the comment box below.


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