What are meta tags? Meta Tags in SEO | How To Use Meta Tag 2021

What are meta tags?: If you are a blogger or SEO expert, then you must know how big a task it is to bring traffic to a blog or website. For this, you have to resort to SEO and you have to optimize SEO along with writing quality content on your website and blog. Meta tags are of great importance in On Page SEO Optimization. In this article, we will talk about all Meta tags in detail.

Meta is the information (ie a coding statement) that tells about the content of a page. These Meta tags give search engines all the information about the content of your website’s page.

What is a meta tag? Meta Tags in SEO | How To Use Meta Tag
What is a meta tags?
  • Blue heading – Meta Title
  • In Black – Description

What is a meta tags?

This is a very important tag from an SEO point of view. As the name suggests, this tag tells the search engine what is the title/topic of the post?

Meta title i.e. what are you writing the post about, Google reads the title of your page and shows it to the user.

how to write title tag in HTML

Not a Meta Tag, but required anyway

Meta Description Tag – Meta description is also an important part of meta tag, with the help of this meta tag, you tell the search engine about what is written in your post or article in short.

How to write Meta Description Tag in Html?

What is the importance of meta description

There are many bloggers who do not use meta descriptions in their blogs. If you do not write this meta description, it means that you are out of the competition of SERP.

You should also write meta descriptions according to SEO, then Google will show the same in the search result. If he does not like it, then Google itself decides what is to be seen in this tag.

How to Optimize Meta Description for SEO?

1. Write Meta Description for each of your Post/Article

Meta Description is as important for every post as Blog Title is important for the blog. You have to write a meta description according to your post. If we do not write Meta Description according to our own content.

So the visitor who will come to our website after reading the description, and will get the content change on his blog, due to which he will feel cheated.

And it will be gone from your website. Which will increase the Bounce Rate of your website.

2. The length of the meta decryption must be Perfect

The length of Meta Description and Meta Title is fixed, if your title or description is more than this limit then Google will not be able to show it completely.

3. Use keywords in the post’s meta description

We do keyword research before writing the article. Search engines are used to find posts to reach people. For this, SEO optimizes the post by using Targeted Keywords in your Blog Content.

On-Page SEO means that by using the keywords properly while writing the article, Google can bring your post or article to a good rank on Google search.

It is very important to select the best keyword by doing keyword research and add it to Post Title, Content, and Meta Description. Many bloggers use keywords in the content and title but do not add keywords in the description.

And because of this, Google does not know what your post is about by properly reading your post. Because of which your post does not rank in google.

in short

In today’s post, you know what is meta tag (What Are meta tags?). If you use the mentioned Meta Tag and Meta Description Tips, your post will definitely rank. Do share the post on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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