Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Platform In India

Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Platform In India

Affiliate Marketing Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide

Best affiliate marketing platform 2021 in Hindi, Hello friends, today Affiliate marketing has become a very good means of earning. If you are a blogger and you also desire, then you have many ways in which you can earn, but among them, The best is Adsense and Affiliate Marketing. Now the question comes in front of us that what is affiliate marketing?

Through affiliate marketing, we can work with any online sales platform on a commission basis. That is, we promote their product on our blog and YouTube, etc., and increase their sales. There is a fixed commission on the sale which we decide, which we get as earnings after the sale. If you work hard on the best affiliate marketing platforms then you can make a better career in these top 5 affiliate marketing platforms.


Amazon is an international e-commerce company that sells its products in many countries of the world. It also has an affiliate portal, whereby logging in you can create your own link and sell the product on commission. Amazon is an American company and is popular all over the world. Affiliates earn lakhs and crores through this. By joining its official site AFFILIATE AMAZON, you can start earning from it. With this, you can also create banner ads and HTML code widgets on your blog to attract your readers and increase sales. By doing this your earnings will also increase.


Flipkart is an e-commerce site just like Amazon. This is an Indian site that sells products all over India. You may have problems joining it because its affiliate registration is not always active. It keeps affiliates limited. Flip kart gives good commission. You show the link received through this to your readers through your website, so that people who visit your site go to Flipkart and buy those products, then you will get a fixed commission. You can register by visiting its official site AFFILIATE FLIPKART. Can connect to its affiliate program.


PROGRAM can sell billions of its products. There is no joining fee, which means you can join it absolutely free. You can take $10 in earnings from this directly to your bank account every month, you cannot withdraw less than this, or Paypal minimum withdrawal from eBay is $5. You can join eBay affiliate through its website eBay Affiliate.


SHOPCLUES affiliate is headquartered in Gurugram, is an Indian economic site. It sells all types of homes, fashion, electronics, etc online. You can earn good money by joining its affiliate. Hereafter the signature, the application will go for verification and after verification, it will be accepted. Your earning will depend on your referrals and you can even trace it. In this, the payment is done through electronic fund transfer. You can connect to Shopclues through its official site SHOPCLUES AFFILIATE. To get approval from this, you need to have a website.


TATA CLIQ is an Indian online selling platform headquartered in Mumbai. TATA CLIQ is managed by TATA Group itself. It was started in May 2016 and since then it has made a good start in the e-commerce market. It is a seller of all types of home and electronics products. Its commission is more than 10%, which is better for affiliate marketing. There is no joining fee and the products are unique. tata Cliq does not have any registration page related to affiliates. For this, you have to email directly which is


Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Platform In India” which can help you to make your blogging career successful. I hope that the information given by me will be useful for you. If you want to know anything, please comment.

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