Mega Guide for iTunes Affiliate Program 2021

Do you have a tech blog, music blog, or book reading blog?

Are you struggling to find a suitable affiliate program for that?

Do you know that Apple has an affiliate program called iTunes? Keep reading this article to know more about the iTunes affiliate program.

Let’s know about some great features of Apple’s affiliate program. Along with this, I will share a trick in this article by using which you can “affiliate” your Apple links in the right way.

iTunes Affiliate Program Details & Features

iTunes Affiliate program is open to everyone. Anyone can join the iTunes Affiliate Program for free.

Signup Here

Once you apply for the iTunes Affiliate Program, its approval may take 5 days or more.

If you will not have any blog/website then your application will be rejected. That’s why we can say that to create an account on the iTunes Affiliate program, you must have a blog/website.

Once your application will be approved, after that you can log in to it and go to the Apple affiliate dashboard.

Mega Guide for iTunes Affiliate Program
Mega Guide for iTunes Affiliate Program

If you are opening your affiliate dashboard for the first time, then you can go to Settings > Payment Method and add your payment details. Apple affiliate program pays through direct bank transfer in most countries.

In Tracked Currency, you can select “All Countries”.

And in Paid Currency, you have to select the currency of your country. Along with this, do not forget to tick in front of Auto Selfbill/Payment Required.

Along with this, you should also add your commission limit. Once your affiliate commission reaches your limit, the iTunes Affiliate Program will automatically send your payment.

Create Affiliate Links for Apple Products

A “Tools” option will appear at the top of the dashboard of your iTunes Affiliate Program, you can click on it to create affiliate links in various options.

You can see in the screenshot below

You can use any method to create your affiliate links.

Auto Link Maker

Auto link maker is great for blogs that are old and blogs that have only a few links to the official Apple site’s App Store or other Apple products.

You have to add some link Javascript code to your blog in this. After adding the Javascript code of the link in the blog, it will be automatically converted into affiliate links.

In this, you save a lot of time because you do not have to edit all the links manually. If you use this method, then you do not have to manually create affiliate links for future posts.

You can add JS snippets to your blog by editing Google Tag Manager or the theme of your blog.

RSS Feed Generator

This is also a great way through which you can create a link through iTunes Affiliate Program. Through this, you can create an RSS link of Apple’s top products, music, books, apps and other things and add it to your blog. Your revenue also increases through this method.

You can add an RSS link to your blog as a widget on the sidebar or in any other place.

It works very well for specific niche sites. You can earn good money through iTunes Affiliate Program using this method.

Link Maker

When you generate an affiliate link for an individual product, then this method is very useful for you in that condition.

Through this method, you can create affiliate links for bulk also.

Tips: If your page is popular, then you can promote it on your social media page by creating an affiliate link of an app using Link Maker.

Widget Builder

I am personally not a fan of this method. But it can be useful for you.

Through Widget Builder, you can create a widget of a single app and embed it in a blog post! Your readers install the app by reading its description and clicking on the widget.

Create affiliate links in the quickest way

You can find your unique affiliate ID at the top of the Dashboard of the iTunes affiliate program. Let’s say my affiliate ID is 10lMjr! Whenever you go to any App Store, iBooks, and Mac App

Let’s say my affiliate ID is 10lMjr! Whenever you want to add your affiliate link to an app or product from any App Store, iBooks, and Mac App Store, you can put “ ?at=XXXX” (in place of XXXX) in the last of the normal link of that app or product. Replace the unique affiliate ID) and add it. By doing this you can create your affiliate link very easily.


Normal link:

Affiliate link:

Important Facts About Apple’s Affiliate Program:

  • If a user buys something by clicking on your affiliate link, then after that you get a commission within 24 hours. This means that the cookie period of Apple’s Affiliate Program is 24 hours.
  • You get up to 7% commission in iTunes products.
  • You can also link free stuff through your affiliate links.
  • You can download the Blink app to your iPhone to quickly generate affiliate links on your iOS device! I highly recommend you for this.
  • You can cash payments after 90 days of sale.
  • Link the products of the Apple Online Store. You cannot earn commissions from the iTunes affiliate program.
  • Track Income Through iOS App

You can track your earnings by downloading ExactView app to your iPhone.

iTunes Shortcode WordPress Plugin

If you are using the WordPress platform then you must use the iTunes content plugin.

This plugin adds app details interactively, through which your clicks and sales increase.

It also supports QR codes. The cost of this plugin is only $12. For tech bloggers who review iOS apps on their blog, this plugin can be very useful.

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