Top 5 Best Google AdSense alternatives To Make Money Online

Best Google Adsense Alternatives – If you are a blogger then you must have heard about your Adsense, there will hardly be any blogger who has not heard the name of Adsense. It is the dream of every blogger that one day his blog is AdSense approved so that he can earn a lot.

But the policy of Google AdSense is so strict that Adsense can block your account at any time, due to which your Earning suffers a lot, that is why today we are going to tell you about the Best Google Adsense Alternatives in this article.

If your Adsense is also disabled or is not getting approved, then there are many Advertising Platforms with the help of which you can monetize your blog?

Best Google AdSense Alternatives

1 –

Top 5 Best Google AdSense alternatives To Make Money Online , is the best alternative to Google AdSense. This is a Contextual Ad Network Program. Which is made by Bing and Yahoo. Media.Net supports only English blogs, yet it is not available for Hindi Blogs.

Like Adsense, it is a bit difficult to get Approval, for this, you must have a quality blog. Ads of are Mobile Friendly. In this, you can get approval from an account on Unlimited Website. The special thing about is that you can also use it with Adsense.

If you have at least $100 on, you can transfer it to your bank account. Along with this provides 24×7 customer service.

2 –, Top 5 Best Google AdSense alternatives To Make Money Online is also the best alternative to Google AdSense. Although it pays much less money than Google AdSense. But there are many bloggers who are earning very good money with the help of infolink.

In Infolinks you get intext ads. Which is a link set inside a text in your content itself. Whenever a user hovers over that text, the option of link visit appears there.

3 – Mgid Native Ads

Mgid Native Ads , Top 5 Best Google AdSense alternatives To Make Money Online is a very good Native Ad Network. This is a very popular and Eco-Friendly Native Ad network. Big news websites also use it. If you have 50 dollars in it, you can do PayPal and Bank Transfer.

4 – Propeller Ads

PropellerAds is also a very good ads network. If your AdSense request is getting rejected again and again then you can use Propellerads. And you can start earning from your blog.

It also supports Adult sites, so this Ad Network is not right for all blogs. Along with this, its CPM rate is also very low. If you have a lot of traffic on your website then you can earn good money.

5 – RevenueHits

RevenueHits is an innovative performance-based CPA (Cost Per Action) Ad Network. That is, Revenue Hits gives you money on every action. It provides Geo-Targeted ad serving technology for you which helps you and the company to earn more.

FAQ : Best Google AdSense alternatives

Which Ad Network Pays More Than AdSense? pays more than Google AdSense.


I hope that the complete list of Best Google AdSense alternatives will be helpful for you and you will be able to make a great income without Adsense by using these mentioned Ad Networks.

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